Facts on Aging

The Facts on Aging publication compiles useful facts and statistics on age related topics in a handy, two-sided flyer format. Hardcopies are available at the Pepper Institute. In addition, the Pepper Institute recently published the 2015 edition of the Florida's Aging Population Report.

cover for 2015 edition of aging almanac (pdf 11.89 MB)

Volume I:

Issue 1: Social Security (PDF) Nov. 2005
Issue 2: Demographic (PDF) Dec. 2005


Volume II:

Issue 1: Medicare Part D (PDF) Jan. 2006
Issue 2: Transportation (PDF) Feb. 2006
Issue 3: Savings (PDF) Mar. 2006
Issue 4: Obesity (PDF) Apr. 2006
Issue 5: Housing (PDF) May 2006
Issue 6: Dementia (PDF) Oct. 2006
Issue 7: Civic Engagement (PDF) Dec. 2006


Volume III:

Issue 1: Caregiving (PDF) Jan. 2007
Issue 2: Retirement (PDF) Mar. 2007
Issue 3: Senses (PDF) Jun. 2007
Issue 4: Silver Industries (PDF) Sep. 2007


**Facts on Aging series was discontinued in 2008.